giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Television: sleepeing pill for the mind

Politics, sportr and cooking. Once television offered (among the rest) theatrical plays, classical music, culture and knowledge. Then someone must have realized that those were things that helped the people to be al little more clever and therefore that same "someone" decided to cut them dead.
And lately, the moment we switch our tv on, what we get is a rather limited choice: cooking programmes with well known and wannabe gourmets, old and young people telling their sad stories accompanied by lots of tears (apparently tears on tv are very popular), politicians who shout at each other so that nobody will understand the nothing that's in their ideas ..... and sports lots of sports. Actually, football (soccer) lots of football. Hours and hours devoted to review tens of times the same few seconds of a match. And matches spread to cover every single day of the week. Anyone watching our tv would think that there's only one sport practiced in Italy: football! Who cares if an italan athlete or team gains a gold medal in some forgotten world competition of (just to say one) fencing or marathon. Who cares for athletes who haven't got a famopus sponsor? Who cares to celebrate an athlete who's spent time and energies (and probably some of his/her own money) to reach a gold medal in a world competition? If she/he hasn't got a rich sponsor then that means she/he is practicing a sport that doesn't deserve consideration.
And the torpor of the mind is so widespread that many of us don't even realize that there're so many commentators on the media who everyday try to convince us that trusting the future of our country to a whore is something quite right. That if a phone tappin discloses a crime, it's the tapper not the criminal that should be prosecuted. That a mafia boss who refuses to confess is a hero. That a politician who's acting in favour of a mafia boss but is also a sustain for the government can't be taken to court. That a politician who gets 140,000 euros a year is in his full right to declare himself almost a pauper, forgetting that someone in this country is expected to survive with 5,000 euros a year. This is a country where the media (television first) have killed the capacity of getting indignant for the injustice, for the abjection, for the arrogance of those who rule it. There are still those who survive to this wave of torpor but it seems the rulers of this country are working at a law that will put them to rest soon. This goverment had promised innovation, enterprise and information. At the moment what we've got is enterprises shutting down, ignorance and misinformation.

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